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Studied following elements

(detailed description for teacher)


Week 1.2

  • WAMP installation (theoretically  XAMP, MAMP, ZEND, BITNAMI)
  • setting up workspace on laptops
  • embeding php in html code / embeding html in php code
  • reading and displaying errors

Week 1.3

  • passing variables from page to page with superglobals (_POST, _GET)
  • single and multiple variables
  • returning values (echo, var_dump, print, print_r)
  • arrays (_push, _pop, _shift, _unshift, _slice)

Week 1.4

  • conditionals (multiple if statements with && or ||, switch, isset)
  • loops (foreach, for, while)
  • includes (include, require, require_once)
  • translating strings into variables or values and vice versa (printf, sprintf, sscanf, list();)
  • building functions, adding arguments to functions
  • creating objects (new (object), stdClass)
  • extract();
  • inserting html using heredocs (<<<EOT)

 Week 1.5

  • super-globals 2.0 ($_POST, $_GET, $_SERVER)
  • mailing contact form
  • security (htmlspecialchars(); &lt; &gt;)
  • sessions (_start , _destroy, )
  • log in/out functionality
  • defining and using constants
  • creating and setting cookies (setcookie();)
  • editing files (files_exists; open, read, write, file_get_contents(); file_put_contents();)

 Week 1.6

  • creating counter (“You are the x visitor”)
  • file functions (glob, basename, dirname, substr, pathinfo)
  • manipulating file names (explode, implode, str_replace)
  • creating simple email registration
  • securing user data through .htaccess (incl. allow from IP address or locally ::1)

Week 1.7

  • connecting database to PHP (mysql_connect, query, mysql_fetch_object)
  • connecting database through PHP Data Objects (PDO, PDO attributes)
  • retrieving data from database (prepared statements)




Contact form functionality

Functionality has been applied to two online contact forms. One of them is for my own portfolio website and second one for my recent project website Il Giardino.


Contact form olawronska.comContact form








Work required applying some PHP code, accessing websites through administrative back-end and FTP (Filezilla).

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