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II. Structure – Open source nowadays (’13)

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  • What’s the idea behind?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What was its primary role?
  • What is its role now?
  • Where does the open source usage stand now? (Statistics)
  • Most beautiful ideas of open source software


Why is it a trend?

  • Internet availability
  • Universality
  • It is free!
  • Easy access
  • Modifications and Personalization are possible
  • “The idea of open source”
  • Why would people choose oss?
  • Who are people that are using it?


  • Open source license
  • How does the license apply to specific open source software (ex. Android)

Pros and Cons



  • Open source helps the world – Vim charity
  • No need for piracy
  • Good for business
  • Kids 8+ as programmers
  • Women in Open Source



  • Open to abuse


Open source products

Open source software forks


Examples of the biggest leading OSS

1.      Linux development

  • Beginning of Linux.
  • Their goals / visions
  • Nowadays position and implementation
  • Future ideas
  • Most influential developers.


2.      Android

  • Cooperation with biggest conglomerates in the world
  • Billions of dollars/euros invested into android development for mobile devices
  • Android market – f-droid , complete open source market
  • APK-mania (events, news, number of android applications)
  • Not 100% open source: some hardware drivers are not available
  • New versions of android are released after setting arrangements with google.


3.      Mozilla Firefox

  • The idea of open source browser + most important developers
  • Competing with other leading browsers in last year

4.      Git hub

5.      WordPress



Little less popular among the public but still brilliant


6.      Vim

  • Idea
  • Popularity and availability
  • Charity


7.      Elemntary OS “Luna”



At least one of those open source software you are probably using: VLC, 7-zip, FileZilla, Audacity, Gimp, OpenOffice, Pidgin, Magento

8.      Hardware

Arduino, Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pie, 3D printer


Open source vs. proprietary 

Although a few of these software might not stand parallel to its commercial rivals in terms of functionality, there are many that stand far beyond of everything else on the market in terms of features and capabilities.


Linux distributions vs. Windows and OS X


iOS vs. Android – it would be a sin to skip those…


1.      Performance and quality vs. availability and flexibility


2.      App Store vs. Android Market

  • Two different ways of distribution


cheap bazar


3.      Preferred app development platforms

Why App Developers Prefer iOS Over Android even though Google-powered deices out sell Apple?

  • - Concerns about costs and complexity
  • - Profits head to head with piracy


Important cases with open source



NSA affair, how software can be abused and how important is to keep data secure.

Open source code is an advantage not a security issue:

Thousands of eyes watch over an open source software, Open source code available for thousands of intruders.



Is open source software profitable?

Canonical – Ubuntu and support

Red Hat – Red hat – successful corporation that focuses completely on open source.

Steam and Valve projects financed by the biggest companies.



Why big companies still choose proprietary software?

Proprietary software has better connection and support

Proprietary software makes changes that aren’t always with agreement with w3schools, before it was IE 6 and now we face the same problem with Safari


Future (?)

Google cars – self-driving car movement powered by linux

How linux will shape the future?

New cyanogenmod – oppo investment






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