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PHP/MySQL practical assignment

Posted on Oct 29, 2013 by in Home | 0 comments

Website “Monster Generator”


Monster generator is a simple website where user has the ability to create monsters and keep own monster gallery. Monster generator website will include following functionality:

  • sign up (adding data to database)
  • sign in (validating data in database, setting up session)
  • send messae (mailing form)
  • pick mosnter characteristics (retrieving data and returning data)
  • create own monster (using classes)
  • save monster (storing data in database)
  • keep monster gallery (retrieving data from database)
  • setting up cookies
  • proficient use of HTML/CSS (responsive design)
  • working with back-end and FTP (Filezilla)

View full presentation about monster generator here



Week 1.8

  • creating design
  • building the website
  • setting up domain and hosting
  • starting and destroying session
  • implementing log in functionality
  • implementing send form functionality
  • organizing code and files


Week 1.9

  • creating database and tables
  • uploading and setting database online
  • editing database within frameworks
  • connecting database with website (PDO)
  • creating cookie
  • creating prepared statement for user registration (inserting user data into database using bindParam)
  • adding sign up functionality
  • Hashing password and storing it in database (crypt(), Blowfish algorithm)
  • Adding contact form functionality
  • Adding create monster functionality (posting form, storing data in DB, retrieving data and displaying it on the website)
  • Building own monster gallery (retrieving data based on session username, displaying retrieved data)
  • Setting up font size cookie
  • creating database class and implementing it into code


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