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Studied following elements

(detailed description for teacher)


It is a good practice to use uppercase letters for mysql commands, because most of the following content consist of commands I wil keep them lowercase to keep text more readable


Week 1.6

  • setting password
  • show and create databases
  • show, create and describe tables:

assigning unique id (auto_increment)
adding simple information
setting primary key
requiring specific information (not null)

  • insert, select and delete row from database
  • select only specific columns
  • display columns in specific order (last_name asc/desc, limit)
  • update tables
  • update column names (alter table)
  • inner join tables


Week 1.7

  • connecting database to PHP (mysql_connect, query, mysql_fetch_object)
  • connecting database through PHP Data Objects (PDO, PDO attributes)
  • retrieving data from database (prepared statements)

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