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Week 2.1

  • setting up work-space and selecting tutorials (Firebug,, Envato)
  • Structure of JavaScript (what is scripting language, client-side language, interpreted language, sensitivity, commenting, execution order)
  • History of JavaScript (LiveScript, JavaScript, JScript, ECMAScript,ECMAScript 3/5)
  • displaying data (alert, console.log, .warn, .error)
  • Reviewing JS language elements (variables, conditionals, operators, expressions, comparisons, modules, increment/decrement with prefix/postfix, loops, ternaries, using break and continue, functions, variable scope)
  • Reviewing JS language methods and elements (array methods and parameters, addition and concatenation, math object, string methods, date object, date methods, creating objects)
  • Document Object Model(What is the document?, What are Objects?, What is the Model?, What can be done with DOM?, changing and creating DOM content, retrieving elemnts form DOM)
  • Nodes and elemnts (node types, geting element node, accesing DOM )
  • listening to events and handling events
  • timers (setTimeout, setInterval, clearTimeout, clearInterval)


Week 2.2

  • building smart forms (JavavScript validation)
  • designing monsters and hats

Week 2.3

  • connecting website with wamp server
  • studying  jQuery

Week 2.4

  • studying  jQuery
  • learning about plugins
  • implementing slider plugin for generating monsters

Week 2.5

  • Working with the slider plugin… (setting currently selected item, inserting multiple slides into one page)
  • Studying posting forms with AJAX

Week 2.6

  • Writing report (chapters, language descriptions)
  • Completing technical part of the report (v 1.0)
  • Implementing feedback to the report (v 1.2)
  • removing glide.js
  • rearranging and adjusting data files on monster generator website (changing “generate” functionality, creating drop down log in)
  • adding save.php page where generated monsters are shown and can be saved or discarded
  • studying ajax and php combination
  • building slider for monsters
  • re factoring slider using prototype and inheritance
  • creating instances of sliders and implementing them into the page, styling sliders
  • defining current slide, storing it in a variable and passing it as a value into hidden form (passing JS variables to PHP)
  • posting hidden form to next page using $.get

Week 2.7

  • Building drop down login plugin
  • tweaking sliders
  • React report…

Week 2.8

  • Replacing posted values with images (function that handles values and inserts img accordingly)
  • Replacing list values in gallery with monster images
  • ordering code files
  • React report…

Week 2.9

  • Adding drop down login functionality
  • saving monster along with logging in
  • Finishing JavaScript/jQuery report

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