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Kick off Web

Posted on Sep 9, 2013 by in Home | 0 comments

InDepth Web

Different graduation projects:

  • Apps
  • Responsive design
  • Social media
  • User experience design
  • Management and strategy


Course structure (curriculum):

Domain orientation (3stp)

Analyze your future, write a plan (PLP) where you make clear what are you planning for yourself, what is the direction you want to follow.

End product: Graduation Plan Document (is fully finished at the end of your graduation)

Domain course (7stp)

In depth + trend report

  • Trend report – make study of any kind of existing trend within web field. (ex. Google Glass)
  • InDepth – pick two modules that you want to follow in depth throughout whole project (ex. social media and marketing strategy)

Presentation of preliminary outcomes in week 4/5

InDepth 1 (5stp) and InDepth 2 (5stp)

Further study of chosen modules under supervision of domain coach


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